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Mayor Fuu of Honmei reporting on acnl town activities

FC: 1006-0416-7216
DA: 4100-4228-0344

Heya I’m looking to buy this casual outfit if anyone has it. Katie’s in town as well, if you’d let me drop her over. Please and thank you!

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fuu is so cheeky!

OH WAT omg niya <333 THANK YOU that is cute af (8’3JL)


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Anonymous wondered:
I have a perfect town but there is only two Jacobs ladders and I have had a perfect town in 5 days! Whyyyy help meeeeee

UH. Well tbh I got my jacobs from a friend. She’d bring over some of her extras when she visits so that’s where my hoard came from.

I don’t think I can help there, I’m sorry man //pats u oHq

All I can suggest is it might be best to just buy them from peeps?


lavenderscum said: I got my jacobs ladders every 2 days of having a perfect town, so maybe that’s why?

nylorac15 said: You definitely don’t get them every day you’re at perfect. I’d only get one or two for a whole week of perfect status.

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Anonymous wondered:
Your town and blog is so kawaii! Any tips for arranging flowers and trees in towns to make the place pretty? I'm currently working on my town and I have no clue what is good or bad :3 Thanks!!

Can I be kakkoii instead B) lol but thank you very much anon! <3

Ah I don’t think that there’s really a good or bad way to landscape. It’s all just according to personal preferences and most importantly, what YOU think looks best!

In my case, my trees/bushes were simply arranged around my paths to act as borders. I also had them fill in areas here and there just so they don’t look empty.

For flowers, I assigned each villager with a specific rose colour and went with that so they all have a garden of some sort. Rest of my town’s floral choices were just dependent on what I think matched with the surrounding area and also looked pretty imo. (eg. pink flowers around the plaza to match cherry blossoms, red flowers around the “date” park, white flowers around the lighthouse, etc.)

Also, here’s a guide that might help. Best of luck with your town!

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luckerdogs wondered:
you should give her the sweets player too it'd be perfect

Actually I thought the same and probs would later on. I’m just a little hesitant ‘cause I’m feelin like she’s going to replace the food instead of the actual phonograph |D

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Gave her a few beige custom alpine pieces and food items to complete her house

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Fang with mostly chocolate classic set custom

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Town updates!

Many hours and money later, Fang’s and Merengue’s (But mostly Fang’s) houses have been refurbished to perfection. *H* I’ll post shots of their interiors once I manage to catch them inside but yeah look at them badges I got along the way sobs. I must have sent fang truckloads of custom furniture that kept getting replaced wrongly; even got rid of his gyroids by mistake.

Villager garden spaces are better organized now so should update my dream address soon. Just need to breed a couple more hybrids to fill up Juli’s/Diana’s lot.

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weeradish mayorfuu but not really at the same time… i’ll make it animal crossing-ey later when i finish up other ones.